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Mind & Spirituality
No.TitleAuthor nameCountry

1. Assessment of the Stage of Zen Aspirant Bhikkhu Ho beop Korea

2. Achievement of Meditation Teaching Techniques programme to the foreigners Assistant Professor Dr.SamranKhansamrong Thailand

3. Psychological Aspects in the Doctrine of Dependent Origination Sanjoy Barua Chowdhury Thailand

4. Satipatthana Sutta for Millennials Balangoda Ananda Manju Sri Sri Lanka

5. Achieving Life Purpose by using Powers of Brain and Karmas Dr. Tayat Sriplung, Neuropsycho therapist,
and Managing Director of the Nile Consulting Group.

6. Reacting : Dhammology for self Deterioration Ruksat . Thailand

Economics & Sustainable Development
No.TitleAuthor nameCountry

1. Youth Buddhist monks’ role in modern society Srihan Kanishka Ariyasinghe Sri Lanka

2. Nepal Buddhism, its survival under various Rulers Nirmal Siddhi Bajracharya Nepal

3. Concept, components, Indicators, Experiences and Integration of the abstaining from the five precepts of the five Precepts Villages Project Dr. PhramahaYutthanaNarajettho, JutharatThonginjan Thailand

4. The growth of sustainable happiness through mindfulness practice : a case study at KuanrooCummunity , Songkhlaprovince Wimonman Sriroongrueng,Amorn kanNumit and etc. Thailand

5. Knowledge Management with English Skills in Buddhist Archeological Sites in Changrai Province Anurak Sakaew Thailand

6. The Need of Education on Religious Tolerance among The Buddhist Minority in Indonesia Venerable Santacitto Sentot, Ph.D Indonesia

7. The Transition to a Green Economy:Benefits and Challenges in Phrae Province Jaruwan Kumpetch Thailand

Social & Political Perspectives
No.TitleAuthor nameCountry

1. The Development of Sufficiency Economy Concept in Buddhism Jointu Chakma Thailand

2. The Development of English Skillsof English Major Studentsto Communicate with Tourists about Buddhism and Culture at Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Chiang Mai Campus Dr.Wisuttichai Chaiyasit Thailand

3. The Prospect of Buddhists in Enhancingthe Well-being and Happiness of MankindUnder the Contemporary Oligarchy Political System Kar Lok, Ng (Ding Quan定泉) Thailand

4. The Role ofBuddhist Public Diplomacy in China-Southeast Asia Relations:Take Yijing(monk)of China as the Basic Example Zhang Jingting Thailand

5. Development of the Buddhist communityby Buddhist Dhamma Dr.Bursara Pothisook Thailand

6. Buddhist Religious Sites in India and Sustainable Development : Cultural Geographical Analysis Using Remote Sensing and G I S Techniques Professor (Dr.) V. C. Jha Principal Vidya-Bhavana India

Works & Legacy of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu
No.TitleAuthor nameCountry

1. Einstein and Buddhadāsa: The Parallel Doings Dr. Mongkol Dejnakarintra UK

2. Development of transnational meditation and spirituality in contemporary Chinese society: the contribution of AjahnBuddhadasa’s teachings Ngar-sze Lau UK

3. Understanding Similarities in the Vision of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu and Dr Ambedkar inModernization of Buddhism Dr Ratnesh Katulkar India

4. Trajectories of convergence: A comparative outlook on Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu and Master Sheng Yen Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dipti Visuddhang Thailand

5. Cultural geography of Lokuttaradhamma expressed by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu,LuangpuMun, and KrubaSriwichai Sathapond Chantade Thailand

6. The Propagation of Dhamma by Dhamma friends: The key actors in BIA Activities Naddavadee Numnark Thailand

7. Past, present and future use of social media to promote Buddhadasa’s works and teachings by Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives Dr. Pataradawn Pinyopich Thailand


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1.     Mind & Spirituality
2.     Economics & Sustainable Development
3.     Social & Political Perspectives
4.     Works & Legacy of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

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Asst.Prof.Dr.Konit Srithong
Phramaha Boonchuay Doojai
Ven.Dr.Phramaha Nanthakorn Piyaphani
3.Socio-Politics Prof.Dr.Boontan Dokthaisong
Dr.Amnaj Buasiri
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